Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I book a photoshoot with you?

Click on the button "BOOK A PHOTOSHOOT" from this site's menu, or you can click HERE to do it. It will take you to the new page operated by Square Appointments. You will select a package, H&MUA option, a date and time from my calendar. Then you will have to put your credit card number to pay your balance in full to complete your booking. Your credit card info is NOT stored in my system and transaction is Protected & Encrypted by Square, Inc. Upon booking, Square will automatically create an account for you with Square Appointments. You can sign back into Eva Flis Photography-Square Appointments using your mobile number at any time. You will receive reminders via email or txt messages. You can easily confirm or reschedule your photoshoot using this automated system.  


What is "Eva Flis Photography Store" ?

Eva Flis Photography Store is a place where you can:

  • book your photoshoot
  • order stage photos from your past or upcoming pageant
  • rush your order
  • buy additional photo retouching services
  • gallery buy-outs
  • buy additional look, studio time and pay for a person added to your photoshoot
  • order Gift Cards

To visit Our Store click HERE or you can find a link in this website's menu.


What is AFTERPAY and when I can use it?

AFTERPAY is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment option that allows customers to pay for their purchases in four interest-free installments. You can use this option when paying for everything in my store EXCEPT when booking and paying for your photoshoot. I'm currently working on a different system where you can buy a photoshoot using another BNPL payment option, so stay tuned! 


How should I prepare for my photoshoot? 

Preparing for your photoshoot should start at least two weeks before photoshoot day. Schedule a visit with your colorist or hair stylist if you need a haircut. Begin a skincare regiment. Take care of your nails, eyebrows and eyelashes if needed. Don't do any spray tans. That's a big "no" because the skin looks orange and it's really hard to remove all the marks from your skin during the retouching process. It's a good idea to spray tan for your pageant to look good on stage but not such a good idea to do it right before your photoshoot. Approximately two to three days before your photoshoot, get plenty of rest and go to sleep as early as possible. Finally, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat well.


What should I bring with me to my photoshoot?

Number of looks depends on the package you selected (or number of looks you bought) but you can always bring a few extra outfits to your photoshoot. We can work together choosing outfits and jewelry that looks best on you and matches with the available background colors. I have over 100 styles of earrings that you can use during our shoot. Make sure to have a bra that goes with each top/dress choice. We will listen to music of your choice, so you can think of something that makes you feel comfortable and lift your spirits up.


Should I have a professional hair and makeup artist? 

Yes, consider using a professional H&MU artist. It will give you another level of confidence going into your photoshoot. Makeup artists can do wonders very quickly and have the ability to change things instantly if you want to do a few different looks during the shoot. You can come hair and makeup ready or you can request one of my talented hair and makeup artists for your photoshoot. The fee for hair and makeup is NOT included in your photography package.


When will gallery with proofs be available to view?

I will send you a gallery within 5-7 business days.


How many pictures do I select?

The number of pictures you select depends on the package you choose (or number of pictures you bought).


How long does it take to receive final images?

You will receive your edited photos about 3 weeks after your photo selection. So the whole process should be about 1 month if you select your photos right away.


What if I need my photos faster?

There are options to order your photos faster then our usual delivery time. You can buy "72 hours Rushed Package" or You can add options to your existing, regular package:

"Rushed gallery with proofs within 24 hours ($75)

"Rushed edit within 48 hours" ($50/photo)

"Rushed edit within 7 days" ($35/photo)

"Rushed gallery and 1 photo edit within 24 hours" ($200)


To buy those options visit our store or click HERE


Do I get all of the images?

No, your session will include the number of retouched images you purchased if you are a headshot client. If you want to purchase the un-edited photos from the gallery, there is an option to do that ("Gallery buyout" $350).


Why do pictures in my gallery have "Do not copy" sign on them?

Photos in your gallery will have a watermark on them to prevent image theft. The watermark will automatically be deleted after downloading the raw images to your computer if you decide to buy the gallery buy-out.


Read my article from Nationally Known Magazine for more tips: